Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Maxwell Food Centre

Hello! I am back! I know many of you REALLY miss me right? Thank you for not giving up on me! heehee… and i hope i don’t fail to continue to entertain you! I really love sharing all the good food on my blog… and i BIG TIME love this excuse to eat more! yeah! my pleasure and your pleasure!!!!

Today i am bringing you guys to MAXWELL FOOD CENTRE, one that i believe everyone is familiar with! If you haven’t been there (you must be kidding right? I don’t believe YOU mountain turtle!!!)

Nearest MRT is Chinatown MRT station, just a 10 min walk and you will reach the heavenly place! :) See i am so NICE to paste the map below for you guys!


Anyway, there are MANY MANY good food in Maxwell, but due to stomach space and time limit, i got to only try a few of the TOP FAVOURITE dishes there! READY?


HAINANESE CURRY RICE @ #01-68 (middle stretch)


There are a number of curry rice stall in Maxwell, so remember the stall number and the signboard! :) Just in case! Else you can determine by the LONG QUEUE too!

Look YUMMY RIGHT? Actually hor! I think I take nice picture leh, don’t know why my friends always commented that I have no talent!!! hahahaha… I LOVE the curry! SUPER NICE! It just goes so WELL with the rice! Every plate of rice will be DRENCH with a scoop of curry sauce before the side dishes go on top of it, this is to ENSURE that the RICE IS SOAK WITH THE CURRY!!! (salivate now :P) I ordered the famous pork chop to go with my curry rice, what i meant is curry rice MUST go with PORK CHOP de!!! I LOVE the pork chop! REALLY! i have eaten many pork chop, most are too dry, but this is really crispy and well marinated… THUMBS UP! (4.3/5.0)


75 PEANUTS SOUP 57 @ #01-57


My love-hate story with peanut tang yuan soup! haahaahaa… i love the peanut soup base! Theirs are not too sweet, peanut are soft yet not soggy and not too many peanut… LOVE the TANG YUAN! I mean the picture speaks a thousand word right? It is as firm as a fish ball, the ingredient is SO FULL that it flows out with one bite! (3.9/5.0)




There are SERIOUSLY two LONG queue for fish head noodle in Maxwell! I was torn to have to choose one stall and GUAI GUAI queue up for my turn…

Well…Don’t ask me if I regret queuing for this fish head noodle… because i haven’t got the chance to try the other one out… The thick Bee Hoon they use are quite SPECIAL! firm and thinner as compared to others… The fish meat are fresh and the soup is SEDAP! (3.9 / 5.0)




This is AMAZING tapioca cake stall! YOU GOT TO TRY! i mean no harm lah for a change of CHINESE DESSERT to put a full stop for your lunch!

The tapioca cake is not too sweet, soft and chewy! First time I fall in love with tapioca cake! :) I always though oned oned are green, but these brown ones are irresistible too!They are still WARM when i bought them! With one bite, the coconut juice just flow into your mouth! The uncle also introduce me to this peanut Mau Chee lookalike! Anyway I would not really recommend… hahahahaha… (3.8/5.0)

Anyway thanks for staying tune for my blog entry! I would like to thank those unwavering support (I really don’t know who on earth are you) that have been reading my post even when i was SUPER UNACTIVE! THANK YOU! :)




  1. The 75 PEANUTS SOUP 57, its nice!! =)

  2. Maxwell food centre is described here. Know details from here

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