Monday, February 28, 2011

Chomp Pang Market


Chomp Pang Market is my FAVOURITE morning breakfast place! Most of the public holidays, I will definitely pull my sister and niece out to this awesome market and have our simple awesome breakfast! So, how can I miss out introducing this place right?


Okay, I shall start with my favorite stall…

 HO HENG - 果汁


I have been searching for this ‘Kway Chap’ for eternal till I came to know about this stall located at Yishun. What is so special about their Kway Chap? Theirs is the most traditional and original Kway Chap I have eaten so far! Seriously, you got to check out this stall! So far, friends that I have introduced are so addicted to it!

Ta Da ~


Ho Heng Kway Chap has this very traditional taste (古早味). A regular set here includes half a braised egg, braised big and small intestine, braised pork belly and braised bean curd. You can mix and match your favorite combination.

My favorite picked are:

Big Intestine, Small intestine, Pig’s Tongue (eeewwk!), 三层肉 and of course the Pig’s Skin!!!!

Pig Skin – FULL OF COLLEGEN! 吃了脸会美美哦! The pig’s skin here is well cleansed and it is really ‘Q’ when it goes into your mouth! AND IT IS SUPER CHEAP! These only cost 50cents!


and of course not forgetting the hot silky Kway and the chili! Thumbs up for this perfect match!


Usual $3.50 per person

Food Rating: 4.5 / 5

Ho Heng
Chomp Pang Market
Blk 104 Yishun Ring Road #01-140
Open 7.30am till about 2pm




Okay, I have not really tried this prawn noodle before. But I heard from many elders that their prawn noodles are worthy to try! Ordered both the soup and the dried prawn noodle.


The chili for the dried noodle is spicy fragrant and cling on to the noodle so well that every mouth shouts “shiok”! The ingredients are fresh, I personally like the fish cake!


While the 汤 Prawn noodle has a robust prawn taste without being over salty! A very ‘Old School’ taste! The bean sprout added made the bowl of noodle really refreshing!

Both are not fantastically nice, but I want to personally give compliment to Mdm Chia the super woman who worked tirelessly for the past 40 years moving from old nee soon road to chong pang market. Her enthusiasm and bubbly character brings warm to all her customers!

Small: $2.50 / Large: $3.00 

Food Rating: 3.5 / 5

Tian Tian Cooked Food
Chomp Pang Market
Blk 104 Yishun Ring Road #01-153
Open 7am till about 10pm (Closed on Thursday)


Lastly, you cannot leave the market without trying this!!!



The queue is forever LONG! But thankfully it is also FAST! Oh men they have the smoothest bean curd and the nicest soya bean!


If you are familiar with the market style, the above soya plus grass jelly drink is called as ‘黑白’! Okay I think the bean curd look so smooth in the picture right? Tian ah! If only I can leave office and fly to Chomp Pang!

If you are going on a healthy diet, remember the golden rule of adding “less sugar”. Healthy and not costly! That’s the way! ;D

Small: $0.60 / Large: $0.80

Bean Curd: $0.80

Food Rating: 4.0 / 5

Lian Yin Hot & Cold Drinks
Chomp Pang Market
Blk 104 Yishun Ring Road #01-148
Open 7am till about 10pm (Closed on Monday)



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