Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bukit Merah Area




Next time when you are buying your sports wear at Queensway Shopping center, do drop by this shop just next to Alexander Village. I know this shop looks totally old school… But trust me the bread is really nice! It is so soft and fluffy! if you want it hot, come by around 2 to 3pm! They are very generous with their ingredient and what’s more, they are super affordable!

From the picture above you can see bottles of pineapples tarts! Haven had the chance to try as they don’t entertain walk-in. Anyway, do give Love Confectionery a try if you love those simple old school bread! 




If you or your mom and aunties love Ang Ku Kway , do drop by this shop! Their Ang Ku Kway is HOT FAMOUS! During office hours, you will see queues after queues waiting for their freshly made Ang Ku Kway! Well, most elderly are familiar with this shop! They have all kinds of flavors for you to try!

There is a whole lot more of shops to introduce to you at Bukit Merah, but due to the time constraint, I wasn’t able to blog all… But once I am more free, I promise to bring you guys there for a real thorough food trip @ Bukit Merah! :)

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