Saturday, April 2, 2011

Baked Salmon with Mushroom


Hello everybody~ Do you miss me? OMG right?

haahaa… anyway today I am going to blogged about one of my favorite dish, Baked Salmon with Mushroom! This dish contains my big time favorite SALOMON & MUSHROOM! It’s super easy to cook and ready in 10 easy steps! :)

Okay Missy Ong is going to educate you a little on the goodness of Salmon & Mushroom!

Salmon contains high protein, high omega-3 fatty acids, and high vitamin D! So little children, eat more fish! It will make you smart and healthy! :)

Next mushroom contains lotsa of antioxidants that are not destroyed by cooking. Not only that, mushroom contain unique compounds that appear to boost your immune defense!

Okay, so let me show you the way to make a delicious Baked Salmon with Mushroom!

Step 1: Wakes up early and go NTUC / Cold Storage / Wet Market to get the following ingredient!


Shiitake Mushroom, Enoki Mushroom, Shallot or Onion


 Salmon (I think i got a piece that is too big for myself!)

Step 2: Add some oil on a pan, add in shallot and stir fry…

Step 3: At the same time, warm up your oven ;)

Step 4: Add in both mushroom



Step 5: Rub some salt on the Salmon with your hand

Step 6:  Place the Salmon on a aluminum foil

Step 7: Pour the cooked mushroom on the Salmon in the aluminum foil


Step 8: Wrap it all up! (As below, remember to use your fork to poke some holes) 


Step 9: Put it into the oven and baked for 20 min!!!! (Right now i am so hungry! 20 min seems like 2 hours!)


Step 10: EAAAAATTTT!!!!!!


Okay the picture is not very nice! Because I am so hungry, I decided to quickly snap a picture  and ATTACK! woohoo! Give it a try next time when you have a lazy noon at home! To make cooking a more experiential one, turn on some music and enjoy! :)

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