Monday, April 4, 2011

Old Town White Coffee - Suntec



Today my friends and I decided to visit Old Town White Coffee Cafe for maken, so we walked a loooongggg distance to a very wu lu area of Suntec and had our lunch!

I heard many good praises from this Old Town cafe, from their food to their coffee! On the way there, my friend commented that their coffee powder is imported from Ipoh, so worth a try! Maybe because of that, my hopes are high…

Anyway, we ordered the following:

Dry Ipoh Hor Fun @ $6.20


Overall, for this Dry Hor Fun, it is normal, the noodle is a little too soggy and watery. The ingredient is… as you can see… haiz… a little disappointed…

Food rating: 2.0 / 5.0


Spicy Chicken Rice @ $8.80


Spicy Chicken Rice, isn’t it suppose to be spicy? First it is not spicy, then the rice is a little hard with no chicken rice taste. The only thing i like about this dish is it’s garnish! Those turnip with the special sauce is refreshing… Other than that, nothing too fanciful…

Food rating: 2.5 / 5.0


Hainanese Chicken Rice @ $8.80


It look really similar to the Spicy Chicken Rice above, just the garnishing is different… They use peas, carrots and corns to replace… :(

Food Rating: 2.0 / 5.0


Javanese Mee @ $7.20


Okay, i didn’t really try this… but the looks is really not that bad! :) A little like Mee Rubus! Share with me how it taste! I would love to share with everyone here!

Food Styling: 4.0 / 5.0


Rendang Chicken Rice @ $8.50


My friend commented that the rice is fragrant, but the Rendang is not spicy enough… I would say, a little too pricy for this small little portion! I think my ah ma sells cheaper than this! haahaa… #sosingaporean!

Food Rating: 3.0 / 5.0


Dry Curry Egg Noodle @ $7.20


Seriously, it is just ordinary wanton noodle comes with curry sauce and a little potato! When they serve the dish, the only comment i can hear across the table is “SO LITTLE AR!” Although it comes with a bowl of soup with two fried wanton… it really doesn’t help making you feel better spending so much on wonton noodle!

Food Rating: 2.5 / 5.0


Curry Puff Basket @ $2.20


Lastly i must blogged about the very pathetic small curry puff! Okay, right now look at your palm, each curry puff is really half your palm size! Buay Ta Han! I almost fainted when i saw how tiny are they!

Oh well, i hope the drinks are more comforting, but it is really not that fantastic… maybe it is not to my personal liking…


Teh Tarik (hot) @ $2.20



Hazelnut White Coffee @ $6.40!



Xi Mut Milk Tea @ $2.20 



Honey Lemon $3.20


Overall, i think the price is a little too pricy! The portion is a little way too little for the price! The service is really really really bad, i got stares and roll eyes from the waitress and waiter when we block they way as we take our group photo… The most laughable moment is when the cashier ask if the food and service is okay, and he start giving the ‘I really don’t care’ face! Then why bother to ask right?

Well… I would give it a second thought when i visit Old Town Cafe again… The coffee is not bad, but seriously for the price, it is way too much! Given the service is so bad, receiving free stares and rolling of eyes entertainment… The 10% service charge is really worth it hor! Anyway thats it folks!

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  1. The food don't really look good and it is only too expensive for the portion serves. I tried once a few month back and that's the only time i went.... :)