Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Singapore Best Mutton Soup @ Upper Boon Keng

My favorite mutton soup, whether is it chinese or indian style, i love them both!

I was reading i-weekly and found this Best Mutton Soup in Singapore! I used to visit a stall at Toa Payoh to satisfy my cravings, but now i found a even better one!


Haji M. Abdul Rajak Stall @ Upper Boon Keng Market


saw that? The best & famous mutton soup in Singapore since 1955!!! oh my tian! that day when i visited this stall, i was all excited! plus it is raining heavily! God is really kind to me ya? haahaahaa…

As usual, i can’t make up my mind which part of the meat should i chose… and yes i end up with their mixed soup! Everything in one bowl!

First thing that welcomes me was this!


yummy bread to soak up the soup! woohoo! my tummy was growling and my heart was beating so fast!!!! yayyyyy!!! If the bread is crispy and hot from oven, it would be PERFECT!

Next up the 主角!!!!


woohoo! first thing first, drink the soup! i love the soup! IT IS THICK without any ‘yang sao wei’… Many stalls try to cover up the ‘yang sao wei’ by adding a lot of fried onion! But this stall really ‘wu liao’ (hokkien = got real kongfu)! once you drink the soup, you know that this bowl of mutton soup is truly brewed for many hours!


So what’s there in a bowl of this mixed soup? There is Mutton meat, mutton leg, mutton organ and mutton rib! :) one bowl for $7! Hai yo,i thought it would include the brain and tongue… but the man forgot to ask me! So i am SO gonna go back and try the $12 mix soup (with brain and tongue!)


Oh well, the uncles are really nice and friendly! See that big pot? It resemble those pots found in the wicked witch’s house in all fairytales! A gleams into the pot?

IMG_0251_1 IMG_0250

and there was a pot of this…


and lastly, let the menu tell you the prices!


Okay enough of this kaming soup! hahahaha… i am craving for it once again! :(


Haji M. Abdul Rajk Stall

Upper Boon Keng Market #01-03

10.30am to 11.45pm (Mon to Sun)



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  1. this stall is very over- rated. As years go by the quality has changed so much that the flavour no longer the same. there's one to beat boonkeng far behind will be Iqbal Mutton Soup at Geylang Serai. meat pieces are moist and succulent yet tender. no stale bread here unlike at boonkeng.