Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bruno's Pizzeria & Grill @ Tanjong Katong

Last Friday, randomly i asked a few of my heads for dinner at Tanjong Katong! Well, everyone was rather sian when i say we are heading to the East! But to support me, they gave in and here we are!

Bruno’s is a Italian restaurant located at Tanjong Katong… They sell affordable decent Italian food… For those Italian food lover, this is the place where you can satisfy your craving without burning a big hole in your pocket!

The place is rather small, so if you are visiting, do remember to make reservation! I love this place, it is small, cozy and warm! When you step in, you will be welcome by the friendly staff… and the nice table setting! :)


Next up, as usual for European restaurant, there is bread! my favorite! I love bread with olive oil!!! Their bread is super nice! Soft and fluffy and yummy!



Mushroom Soup rating: 2 / 5


This mushroom soup is totally thick! I would call it minced mushroom than mushroom soup! haahaahaa… i still prefer soup spoon mushroom soup! Their soup range from $10 to $20… If i never remember wrongly, they have 4 kinds of soup available! :)


Seafood Soup with White Wine rating: 3.5 / 5


Their friendly staffs are really nice!~ They overheard that I am sharing the soup with my friend, they actually suggest to portion out the soup for both of us! SO NICE RIGHT! The picture above shows a half portion soup! I love the seafood! Super fresh and the soup is nice with some white wine taste!


Seafood Salad rating: 2.5 / 5


This seafood salad is very fresh! They use olive oil for their salad toss… There is too much olive oil, but overall still pretty okay. I think the best salad i have so far is still Cedele! :) Still, with the left over olive oil, i dip my bread and clear it all!


Crabmeat Linguine rating: 3 / 5


This spaghetti is full of crabmeat! Nope, not those red stick crab meat hor… It is real crab meat! Overall the taste is … special! I love the sauce they use, the crab meat is fresh and the combine taste is YUM! Too much can be a little ‘Ni’… So i would recommend to share this dish!


King Prawn Linguine rating: 3.5 / 5


I know this ‘mai xiang’ not very de nice… but it is GOOD! The prawn is super fresh! The portion is big! Enough for two!!! The taste of the spaghetti has full flavor of the prawn! O you people, must try this! i highly recommend this for those prawn lover! :)


Chicken Linguine rating: 2.5 / 5


This chicken linguine is normal… The sauce is good, just that the overall is normal… I prefer seafood much more than chicken… BIAS! haaahaaa… but still… we clear this plate!


Beef steak rating: 3.5 / 5


I really am not sure which steak my friend order, cos i was busy talking to my long time no see friend! This steak is really nice! I love the meat! It is tender and easy to chew! I told my friend at least 4 times i wanna try it!!!!

  • MC: Jeffery, i wanna try!
  • MC: Jeffrey, i help En Chun to try!
  • MC: Jeffrey, i help Khloe to try!
  • MC: Jeffrey, i help Sally to try!

i think i ate 1/3 of his steak! hahahaha… to do some justification to myself, this picture is not taken by me! hahahaa… i so pro, this pic not my style! hahahaha… ‘lao wang mai gua, zi mai zi kua’




BIAS TO THE MAX~ i cannot rate pizza, cos i generally hate pizza! so i would not comment much… the portion is big and my friends said that it is not bad… but not for me lah… i really really hate pizza! haahaaahaa… so i shall…. shhh…

Overall, i would recommend you to this Bruno’s place! Their price is affordable , the environment is good and the food is good! The location is a bit wu lu, somewhere near ‘with pinch of salt’…


338 Tanjong Katong Road (Tel: 64404525)


  1. I have to agree that Cedele has one of the best salads.I'm actually pretty fascinated by the king prawn linguine. I am a total sucker for seafood:) It's a pity that this place is so inaccessible.

  2. haahaa... thanks reading! :) yup i love Cedele! they have the best salad right? hahahaha... yup the king prawn linguine is super nice!!! Must try! but the place is really wu lu! :)

  3. This is just right my doorstep, i've always been tempted to try but its always so busy. looks really good!

  4. Hi Alison, haahaa... you are sure fortunate to be living around that area! Lots of good food at the location! heehee... give it a try! :)Let me know your comment! :)