Monday, May 16, 2011

Marutama ra-men

Been a long time since i post a blog… If you are wondering why? hmmm … because Jessie has been busy with work, food, sleep and meeting up with friends… so she had gotten really lazy to even on her computer and what to say, plug in her camera and wait for windows live writer to be up!

okay… i shall not bored you with my complaints… now i present to you another ramen shop that i have visited! i have actually visited this ramen place twice… if you think that Jessie must be a ramen lover, NOPE! i am a hawker center lover! :)


anyone can explain why the dot in the basket ball? hahaha… anyway… enjoy the following review:


They offer a few different soup base, there is spicy and non spicy… As usual, i picked the common one! Chicken soup Ra-men! :) You know these ramen shop, they and their char-siew is always so little making us craving for more and topping at expensive prices… so i was praying more char-siew please!!!!

Tori Dango Chicken Meat Balls @ $5


Meat balls~ hmm… these japanese meat balls are full of garlic… not really to my liking… so … heehee… get it? I think Ikea still has the best meat ball! :)


Yaki Char Siu @ $6


THIS IS SOOO YUMMY! the oil is just enough, and the meat almost ALMOST melt in my mouth! SO GOOD! hahahaha… okay, but really little hor? four pieces! I want MORE!!!! The taste is PERFECT!


Gyoza @ $5


Okay, the dumpling is not the usual one that we had at japanese restaurant… the sauce is a little spicy and the dumpling is a little colder than usual… Taste is SO-SO…

Lastly… marutama ramen!!!!


okay, the ramen is thinner than usual… so the looks of it is not that appetizing… Love the char siu! I think what they do best is still char siu… Remember to add an egg k? They are also very generous with the spring onion… LOVE IT TO THE MAX! overall the noodle is good! Portion is quite generous, as expected char siu only one piece… soup base is just nice, not too salty… thumbs up!

Ramen rating would be: 3 / 5  :)

Address: The Central @ Clark Quay (6 Eu Tong Sen Street) 6534 8090

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