Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thai Gold Food @ Sunshine Plaza

I believe many tired Ah Loy Thai Food at Shaw Tower! To me, Ah Loy is not really original, but rather a little compromised and very local-ish… (pardon me for coming with such a word!)…

To do you justification, i would now recommend you to a CHEAP, GOOD and ORIGINAL thai food! (“you pi you qi” – hokkien translation for cheap and good!) Today, i present to you…. Sunshine Plaza! (Lame right? When my title is shouting out LOUD to you!) haahaa… anyway… there are two outlets at Sunshine, but due to time and stomach constraint, i would recommend one by one…




This outlet is the older outlet… although the crowd is lesser compared to the other one… (can i comment sth? haahaa… look at the first two ladies, trying to hide from my camera! Okay, actually i am the one who is asking them to lower their head! But they look stunningly amusing right?) For our body’s well being, we didn’t order too much… cos sometime too much spoil the taste!


Thai Pineapple Rice (Rating: 2/5)


The taste of the pineapple rice is a little bland… Some parts of the rice are not well mixed… Generous with their pineapples and pork floss… Overall, not too bad… With more pork floss would be good! :)


Pad Thai (Rating: 3.5/5)


i really like this dish! Even from afar when the waitress brought in the noodle, the smell had already appealed to my stomach! :) Love the generous ingredients! But the bean sprout is a little too raw! Would be great if they can put it in last and stir fry a little! NICE ONE!


Seafood Soup (Rating 2/5)


Actually this soup is not too bad, just a little too sour for my liking… Initially the taste was okay, but too much and after some time, it become more and more sour… Ingredient was okay… Two prawns, fish, squid, fish ball… Reasonable price for such a big bowl of soup…


Pandan Chicken (Rating: 2/5)


Compared to Ah Loy, these Pandan chicken are a little smaller… There are 6 pcs for everyone and each portion is just nice… I think Ah Loy’s Pandan Chicken are a little too dry, these are okay… Chili taste good too!

Overall, with one Thai Milk Tea plus Coke and above dishes… It adds up to $26.80… Reasonable price and good food… Oh well… i would like to try the other outlet before i give more comments… Though i remember vividly visiting the next stall…

Okay! If you ask me whether would i visit the same stall… I would say maybe… The price is reasonable, why not? Oh well… before any questions ask, don’t expect too much from this humble little thai food company.


  1. Wah i swear i was on the point of salivating when i saw the seafood soup! So was it just sour? Not spicy?

  2. Wha! I bu hao yi shi leh! haahaha... Yup yup more to sour than spicy... I heard the outlet next door is better! hahahaha...