Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nakhon Kitchen

i forgot when was the last time i blogged! ohmytian! did all of you miss me? heeheehee… okok… i know you did, else you won’t be tuning in to read my blog right? :)

Today i shall blog about the thai food that i visited last thursday! After a long day at work, having some good food is the best way to end the day! So my dearest colleagues suggested that we should visit this thai food place that is quite popular! And here we go….

Nakhon Kitchen


hello! i took these photos with my dearest iPhone! Not too bad right? hahahaha… anyway, i heard this Nakhon Kitchen is quite famous! They have two outlets, one in Hougang another in Bedok. Upon reaching the place, it was quite crowded though it is around 8 plus 9pm… Here i am EXCITED and HUNGRY! hahaaha… okay, 废话不多说, lets go into the FOOD!


Mango Thai Salad (Rating: 2/5)


I am quite excited when it comes to mango thai salad! It’s hard to find one that is perfect! hmmm… this is okay, just a bit too sour for my liking… supposedly should help to 开胃 (increase your appetite), but end up it is too sour, way too little vegetable…


Thai Vermicelli (Rating: 2/5)


Okay, i think from the picture you could guess what i am going to say… every mouth i ate, it is ingredient more than the ‘Dang Hoon’! OMG! i think they are WAY TOO generous with the ingredient and WAY TOO stingy with the 'MAIN CHARACTER’… Oh well, my friend says its quite authentic… (i can’t really comment if it is authentic, cos i have not been to Thailand to try!) but for my taste bud, i think it is acceptable average. :)


Phad Thai (Rating: 3/5)


I tried many Phad Thai, this is okay… I like the way they fried their Phad Thai… Just nice! A good balance of the ingredient and the ‘MAIN CHARACTER’…i think they can be a little more generous with their bean sprout… :)


Stir Fried Vegetable (Rating: 2/5)


Look awesome right? I am so amazed that my iPhone can take such great pictures!!!! More garlic would be great! This dish so-so… But it’s good to add some vegetable to all the oily food we ordered!


Honey Chicken (Rating: 3.2/5.0)


Confession to be made here! This chicken is nice, yummy, crispy … BUT VERY VERY OILY! it is SINFUL, especially when you are chewing on the crispy chicken skin! BUT I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! :) i love their honey chicken! 吃了还想再吃!


Tom Yum Soup (Rating: 2/5)


i know i am quite stingy with my rating… this tom yum soup is really below average! it is too sour, not spicy at all… the ingredient is normal… overall, not appetizing… tom yum soup is the basic of all thai food and it came really disappointing…


Deep Fried Thai Fish (Rating: 2.5/5.0)


The fish is fresh, lotsa meat and well fried… not to be mistaken, those yellow bits are pineapples… i think they could replace with mango, it would be close to perfect! haahaahaa… i would say, no regret for ordering this fish! :)


Olive Rice (Rating: 1.2/5.0)


SERIOUSLY! the olive rice is WAY WAY WAY below average!!!! left 60% untouched by all of us! The rice is too hard, no olive rice fragrant… almost like black sauce rice… I heard it is quite good usually… maybe i am not in the luck, maybe the chef that day is not in the right mood… hahahaha… i would give it another chance when i visit the Hougang outlet… :)

Lastly, all meal SHOULD end will DESSERT!


Tapioca with Coconut Milk (Rating: 2.5/5)


i like their warm tapioca with the coconut milk… It is not too sweet… after eating a few pieces, you won’t have the ‘Ger-Luch’ feeling… i think overall it is okay! :)


Mango with Sticky Rice (Rating: 2.5/5.0)


i am SO-LOOKING-FORWARD to this Mango Sticky Rice! i think overall this dessert is okay! Not too sweet, the overall feel is not ‘Ger-Luch’… i think maybe for this dish, they can make it a little more sweeter… or have Durian sticky rice instead… need a PUNCH! hahahaha… :)


Overall, i think this place serve good thai food… i mean authentic or not, i cannot judge… but their fried items are good… I would give other dessert a try…  would love to try their green curry and also pandan chicken… Yup, hopefully i find time to visit their Hougang outlet one of these day! :) If you have tried this Nakhon Kitchen, share with me your experience!!!

Hereby, i would like to say, thank you for your support and STAY TUNE! :)


Honguang Outlet: 212 Hougang St 21, #01-341 (Tel:6286 8785)

Bedok Outlet: Blk 136 Bedok North Ave 3, #01-166 (Tel:6245 5548)

Operation Timing: 12-3pm / 5.30-10pm




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