Saturday, July 23, 2011

Unplanned LOOONNGG food trip with cousins!

Last Saturday met up with my lovely cousins to celebrate birthday… (i know right, my birthday celebration prolong till now and it is still not over YET!) we really had a GREAT time together! EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT and still EATTTTTT and it was all so impromptu!

First stop in the morning, we met up for brunch at privé… seriously, the reservation is made at 12.30pm and we were late! End up, we reached at 1pm! Can you believe it? it is almost lunch time!!! and poor me! so hungry! hahahaha… ongmengching stop grumbling! you are becoming like a old lady!!!!


Prive Bakery Cafe

I shall skip all the BORING part of introducing you the different breakfast available… just to lament that I REALLY WANT TO TRY THE FLUFFY PANCAKE! but didn’t get the chance… HOWEVER we DID try Eggs Benedict and Prive Ultimate Breakfast!

 EGGS BENEDICT @ $16 (Rating: 4.5/5.0)

LOOK AWESOME RIGHT!!! it TASTE AWESOME TOO~!!! i really LOVE this Eggs Benedict! it is simply awesomely NICE! especially for those egg yolk lovers like me!!! me me me me!!! i love those uncooked egg yolks bursting in your mouth… Trust me, when i have sunny side up and if my egg yolk is overcooked, it will spoil my mood for the whole day! it is that SERIOUS!

Their egg benedicts consist of 2 Poached Eggs, Honey Baked Ham, Streaky Bacons, Hollandaise Sauce, English Muffin & served with Arugula… hmmm… NICEYYYYSEEE… (another unsound word i invented bcos of food!) ONE LAST PICTURE OKAY??? pls pls pls ….



Prive Ultimate Breakfast @ $18 (Rating 4.2 / 5.0)


Their ultimate breakfast like not very ultimate hor? hahahahaa… one ULTIMATE breakfast consist of 2 Eggs, English Breakfast Sausage, Streaky Bacons, Button Mushrooms, Roasted Roma Tomato,Baked Beans & Toast. i love those yummy creamy scramble eggs! theirs is almost to perfect! their sausage is okay, not too salty… Love their toast when you go it with the eggs! PERFECT with the little imperfections! hahahaha… other than that, the rest are GOOD!

No.2 Keppel Bay Vista S’098382 (Tel: 67760777)


Lor Mee @ Bukit Purmei

On the way to prive, my cousin was boasting about this legendary (some say best in Singapore) Lor Mee… so we decided to give it a try after our LIGHT brunch! hahahaha… i was rather excited about it, as i heard a lot about it from another friend who really love Lor Mee… no harm trying right? heehee…

Not too sure if you know t

what greeted us was shocking!



hahahahaha… it is almost 3pm and what were these people doing here? Queuing for Lor Mee!!!! my excitement was washed away by the long queue and eventually from excitement it turns to skepticism… please let it not fail me hor~

Finally after 20 min, it is almost our turn!!!!

Bukit Purmei Lor Mee (Rating: 3.2 / 5.0)


Presenting to you~~~~ Bukit Purmei Lor Mee!

They have three pricing with three different colors of bowl to differentiate…

Red: $2.50 / Green: $3.00 / Yellow: $3.50

i know right? i was so bored when i was queuing that i even have the time to check out the colors of the bowl! hahahaha… okay let’s start with what i love about this stall, their generosity of ingredients! Fish Cake, Char Siew, 五香, 三成肉, 脆脆 (crispy flour) and some other unknown items that i can’t figure out what… anyway… what i dislike about their Lor Mee is their base, taste a little too blend for me… overall, i think not really worth the queue lah… but no harm to try if you are near the place! According to my cousins, their base will stay as sticky after you have stir a multiple time… :)


Pocky Love Affair

after the very FULL attempt of Lor Mee, we head home for a session of kinect… and we bought a series of different pocky! Lychee, blueberry and my fav almond crunch! i must say blueberry one is the nicest!!!! nom nom nom!


Katong Chicken Rice

After our kinect session, my cousin suggested to head down to the east for a GOOD dinner to end the celebration well! OMG! AGAIN, my cousin was boasting about this best chicken rice in singapore… seriously i was a little erm… after the unsuccessful attempt of Lor Mee… but still i chose to TRUST and BELIEVE! hahahahahaa…

Here we are!



Bright and Cheerful stall! I was infected with the bright and cheerful atmosphere though! Happy stall, happy stall owner, happy food and happy customers! That is what my boss always tell me! and i sincerely BELIEVE it! :))

i think food is very magical! It can lift up one’s spirit, and especially when it is prepared by someone with love! :) my 101 theory about food!

Katong Chicken Rice (Rating: 4.8 / 5.0)


i love their chicken! The rice may not be so fantastic, but their chicken made it all up! cold white skin chicken tender and soft! LOVE IT TOTALLY!

if you know me well, i seldom have chicken rice outside, not that i don’t like chicken rice, but just that i find many stalls are selling sub-standard chicken rice that totally CMI!


Their chicken meat is cold, yet without the ‘Leng Leng’ uncooked feeling… plus they don’t have a layer of those disgusting jelly fats… thumbs up for their skin!!!! according to ongmengching, eating chicken skin will make you look pretty! hahahaha… if you truly believe, it will happen!


I love their bean sprout too! refreshing, love it with their fried garlic and soy sauce! a must order with the chicken rice!!!! craving it NOW! hahahahaa… :)

what i love about this stall is not only their tender chicken, but their generosity with their free flow of ah char ah char and soup!  I LOVE THEIR AH CHAR AH CHAR!!! very very very refreshing!!!!! big big piece of pineapple and well marinated!!! i love the happy aunty too and she actually stays really near me! hahahaha… this is really a MUST TRY!


Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice (美味起骨鸡饭)
Katong Shopping Centre
865 Mountbatten Road #B1-85/#B1-87
Singapore 437844
Tel: 9789-6073
Business hours: 9am to 8pm daily


Laksa Liang Tou Fu (Rating: 3.2 / 5.0)


Just two stalls to the right, there is a not too bad laksa liang tou fu stall… not too sure about the name, bcos i am all busy with my chicken rice attack! hahahaha… anyway, this laksa is REALLY spicy!!! you can add any ingredient that you like and i heard they have this deep fried chicken wings that is TOTALLY Thumbs up! didn’t get to try, but I WILL next time round when i visit!


Salted Egg Pork Rib (Rating: 4.0 / 5.0)

Are you full after reading this long post? cos i have one more place to cover!!! hahahha…we actually travel all the way to thomson! my old house!!!! maken!!!


i know i know… we are TOTALLY CRAZY!!! i love salted egg sauce! in fact, i think all salted egg food are N.I.C.E.! hahahaha… these pork ribs meat are soft and tender! but i was really too full… nice salted egg sauce… perfect combination!

We actually went Salt Caramel few stalls down the road for a perfect ending ICE CREAM ATTEMPT! which i will blog next time… cos i am totally drenched after a long food trip that day that i stop taking picture! hahahaha…

Anyway… you made it through reading finish my SUPER LONG POST! i know it is impossible to have eaten so many food in one day! hahahaha… see how crazy we are when we gather as a family!

Thank you to my lovely cousins for organizing such an AWESOME food trip and bringing me around Singapore for good food and the lovely bag and card! i love you my cousins!!! thank God for awesome family members! :))



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