Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Neo Garden’s signature dish de curry chicken


Today i am giving away Neo Garden’s signature dish – Curry Chicken! 

Have you ever heard or tried Neo Garden Catering? Before i join the catering business, i have never really notice about catering companies. So if you are like me, after reading this post, i believe you will know a little more! :)

oh yah! I forgot the most important thing to mention first thing first! Neo Garden is Singapore number one caterer! hahahaha… okay i am totally bias!

Today i am gonna introduce to you ~ Mini Buffet! Yup! You heard me right!

Mini Buffet! Mini means Mini!

It means you can enjoy a spread of 8 courses of food delivered to your doorstep for groups of 10pax to 20pax!

I know, if you are like me, every time when i have a gathering, i would either call pizza hut / KFC or simply say ‘Today pot luck’… haahaahaa… admit admit, don’t raise up your hand please! hahahaha…

Now with Mini Buffet, you can simply click click click and have 8 course of dishes sent to your door step! Ding Dong~ :) You are ready for your party!

Okay lah, please don’t expect warmer or table for mini buffet… it is mini buffet because the dishes come in plastic container or aluminum tray… You can either request for delivery at $25 or simply self collect it! :) Good lobang right?


Haahaahaa… if you skip the above and jump straight to this part, I can forgive you but please don’t admit it to me! Today i am going to give away a free set of curry chicken for 10pax!

 Curry Chicken

Simply comment below about mini buffet! Yes, anything interesting you would like to say about mini buffet! :) Let your creative juice come flowing! If your comment is good, i promise to throw in bread rolls for your curry chicken! Yes promised!

Curry chicken winner will be announce on 28th April!


  1. Mini buffet is so convenient when I want to host a gathering at my house when guests come over! I can choose my favourite dishes from Neo Garden and not think of the usual fast food or what to cook up a storm in my kitchen.

    Mini buffet is great also as an ice breaker during parties and functions I hosts so that guests can chomp down delicious food while I can have an ease of mind to entertain everyone!

    I want the curry gui so that I can bring it to a potluck party and share the love of heart warming food with my friends and loved ones. =P

  2. OMG I'm so excited about the mini buffet because I can use it for my upcoming wedding!

    You see, I don't have a lot of relatives coming over to my (& my husb's) place during the tea ceremony, and I have been wrecking my head over the catering for them!

    Our family has been catering Neo Garden's buffet since forever, and now, I can satisfy their desire and at the same time not wrecking my pockets for the extra 10 person that we don't have! :)

    And if there's no curry chicken, my family will kill me I swear. :P

  3. Mini Buffet! Now it's not just KFC, Macdonald, Pizza Hut but...... Neo garden! I have always been troubling what to order for my Mini family gathering every week and have been long tired of fast food. Now with Neo Garden Mini Buffet, I can try out all my favorite local dishes any time. Delivery has made it more convenient. Curry Chicken! I want!

  4. I know what's good about Mini Buffet
    1. It's suitable for smaller groups gathering for as little as TEN pax
    2. If you're lazy, it's PERFECT cos you just throw the food trays away after eating. No washing, no sweating
    3. Each time we have pot luck, I tell my friends why bother? Just order Mini Buffet and we've got 8 dishes on its way to us!

    Ok, now i want the curry chicken. WITH BREAD LOAF!! =D

  5. 3 Big Reason Why Mini Buffet!

    - I Don't need to wash my dish!
    - It is convenient to order!
    - And lastly, is because I can have the curry chicken. HAHA...

    Throw to me, throw to me!


  6. Our family and relatives love the festive buffet and dinner delivery from Neo Garden Catering and "Chicken Curry" is always what we will double the portion upon ordering.

    So with this NEW 10 - 20 pax mini buffet I am sure we can have more family gathering anytime of the year or month or great comfort food at our convenience without the worrying of cooking and washing.

  7. I was feeling excited when I heard about this mini buffet as the majority buffet was mainly for 30pax & above. This will definitely save my time to do marketing and ease my headaches to think of ideas of what dishes to whip up. I regularly organise small functions and now I know I would make my Mini Buffet order thru Neo Garden.

  8. Thinking of holding a cosy gather with your favourite group of girlfriends at home! What else could you get other than mac, kfc, sushi and other fast food worse come to worse we will just head down to the nearest coffee shop to pack food home to share. Buffet dinner is NEVER possible cox you can never have enough people to hit the minimum pax requirement. But not with the mini buffet having someone to prepare and send nice delicious food to your place is no longer a problem. Whats else about this, you dun require a large space to set up all the table and warmers and you don't have to keep the timing stated by the caters to come and collect the stuff. you have the luxury of taking your own sweet time to enjoy the food.
    This is simply AWESOME & CONVENIENT!


  9. Mini Buffet, for MINI gathering, for MINNIE MOUSE fans like meeeee! :D

  10. Mini buffet is just right for people who wanna lose weight like me. Taking small portions of food and sharing with people makes it all the more delicious and fun!