Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tampopo at Takashimaya


Have you tried Tampopo Restaurant? I heard that it is has one of the best ramen in Singapore! Last wed, after work my colleagues and i decided to drive down to Takashimaya for a good dinner!  Tada ~

After flipping through the menu, i was really tortured! Why? I wanted to try everything! Have you ever felt this way too? Too many items on the menu, and everything looks good, yummlicious and you really really want to try every single dish! haahaahaa ~ i guess this is call ‘Gluttony


hahaha i know i always like to start my blog with the random stuff i found on the table! okay are you ready? yum yum here i come!


Oh yah! First thing first, i love their service! ;) I was a super troublesome customer, changed my order twice, can’t make up my mind what i really want! This is my love hate dilemma when it comes to ordering food! hahaha… Their noodle came really fast! I was famish after traveling all the way from the west to town! thumbs up for their service!


Shabu Ramen @ $14.30


I love the shabu shabu! Its tender, sweet and easy to bite! The soup has this miso soup taste! The ramen is rather different, more ‘Q’ and a little harder than those usual ones! Thumbs up for the shabu shabu! Portion is just nice, not too much, not too little… :)


Egg @ $1.80


All ramen must come with their famous egg! I love these eggs! The egg yolk is super delicious as it goes into your mouth! wow! thinking of it makes me hungry again!


Tonkatsu Ramen @ $15.90


Next up, it is mine! Hooray!!! Okay the soup base is really spicy, i love those spring onion that goes with the noodle and the soup… The soup is totally different from the previous one.


The pork cutlet is rather normal, but i love the bread crumbs they used! It is crispy and thin… and that’s mean you get loads of meat!


One more picture to make you salivate! hahahaha.. *evil grin* ;)


Prawn & Loin Set @ $22


This set is really expensive hor! ohmytian! I love the prawn! my colleagues mentioned that the prawns are better than their cutlet! Love their tar tar sauce! What i really like about this set, is their rice! Li Li Jie Xin Gu! haahaahaa.. the watermelon is also very sweet! Just a bit pricy… ;)


The yummy Japanese rice! :)



Layer Pork cutlet @ $15


Flipping through the menu, we saw these varieties of layered pork cutlet… There are many different flavors and we decided to try the most original one!




The layered pork cutlet is softer than the usual one… Overall the taste is the same… I really love this pork cutlet! The price a bit pricy… but i felt it is really all worth it! Next time, if there is chance, i would love to try their other flavors! So tempting, thinking of their prawn flavor! :)


Overall, i love this Tampopo… I would love to come back again to try other flavors of their pork cutlets. I would also love to try their char siew ramen… Next time, if you happen to visit this place, drop me a email on your comment! :) Love to hear from you! Goodah bye~

Tampopo Restaurant @ Takashimaya Shopping Center #B2-33 (11am to 10pm)