Saturday, June 11, 2011

Two Chefs Eating Place @ 116 Commonwealth


I must admit these two weeks i am feeling kinda down… BUT thankfully for all those wonderful people around me! Colleague that waited for me to knock off, buy bubble tea for me, and even bringing me out for SUPER YUMMY FOOD! :) So my spirit was lifted up because of these wonderful souls! (who on earth starts a food blog entry like this right?) In order to make it more like FOOD BLOG, yeah! i was lifted up in the spirit because i had YUMMY YUMMY VERY YUMMY DINNER tonight! ;)

Okay… this is not  complaining, soul searching entry! hahaha… before you say i am EMO! :) Today i am going to introduce to you a CHEAP, VERY NICE, VERY EFFICIENT & FAST …… ZHI CHAR~ When the car turned in, i was like ‘WHA SO ULU’ but I LIKE!


Two Chefs Eating Place


Anyway, the place is super crowded with loads of people! Don’t believe? I show you!


The menu serving up next! My colleagues are so familiar with this place, that they don’t even really read through it! :) I am all so EXCITED! Can you feel it? Have i mentioned before? I really love those old and ulu place! because i sincerely believe these are the places with all the GOOD FOOD! ;)



Cold Cockles @ $6 (Rating: 4.0/5.0)


This cold cockle is a MUST eat dish! I love the overdose of garlic with the chilipadi! woooolaaalaaa… Must eat it while it is COLD! Heard that if you come during the cockle season, you will get those big cockles! Wha i can imagine how shiock it will be! :)


Butter Pork Rib @ $12 (Rating:4.0/5.0)


According to a girl, name Jessie, this is her FAVOURITE! IT IS A MUST TRY! oh those white cheesy flour look alike are actually BUTTER! this is SO GOOD! Plus if you dip it with the cockle sauce, EXECELLENT!


Pork Floss Prawn @ $15 (Rating: 2.8/5.0)


This pork floss prawn is nice! i wouldn’t say it is super yummy or a must try, but it is really better than those usual stall you found outside. Nothing really special, as many zhi char are selling this exact same dish… the one thing that differentiate this dish from others stall, it has a lot of mayo!


Golden Mushroom Tofu @ $10 (Rating: 2.5/5.0)


Those Golden Mushroom, Shitakae Mushroom lovers, you would love this dish! Okay i rated it normal… The least favorite compared to the rest that i have ordered.


3 eggs mixed vegetable soup @ $8 (Rating: 2.5/5.0)


I am not too sure if you had tried this dish at other stall…they have three different kinds of eggs mixed with vegetable and served with soup. Not too salty, it taste very sweet and healthy feeling! (okay i bluff, cos i haven really like any vegetable)


The most amazing thing about this stall is… they served up all the dishes that i have mentioned above in 5mins time! WHA FAST AND EFFICIENT! my colleagues were so funny, they actually timed how long our food would come..


See it? Evidence! :)

I would recommend this great place with very affordable pricing, very nice food and very efficient staffs! Actually, most importantly, the food is special! :) Love the food and love the people sharing with me this wonderful meal! Do call in to make reservation early for weekends!


  • Two Chefs Eating Place
  • 116 Commonwealth Crescent #01-129 Tel: 64725361 / HP: 94354197

Have a great SATURDAY ahead! while jessie will be happy working in office on a Saturday! :)





  1. Their food is fast and cheap and large portions but I feel the flavours are just lacking a bit.

  2. heehee... some dishes are not that good... but the butter pork ribs is SUPER NICE! i agree with you! :)