Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bugis 美食走一走

Randomly, one of my colleague asked me if this saturday i am free and NICE enough to bring him around for yummy food! Anything for food, why not? Hahaha… of course i am SO NICE! on top of that, i feel really bad that i am not working hard enough to blog… hahaha… okay here we go!


First stop: New Reng Liang Ge Cantonese Roast Duck Double Soup


This humble stall is just right behind Illuma, opposite ‘I love Taimei’ at the red dot. It is along this alley just right in front of the Shi Ma Lu temple. Okay, i have really tried my best to give you the possible direction…


Hahaha… did you realize the symbol looks really similar to my jessie food trip symbol? So cool! i am a cool girl with a cool symbol that people are using it too! :))


The food is really cheap! One plate of char siew & sao rou rice is ONLY $2.50! CHEAP RIGHT! Their double boil soup are selling at $2 per bowl! Super shiok!!! With $5, you can enjoy a soup with a plate of yummy char siew and sao rou rice and receive a change of $0.50!!! Where do you still find such a good deal? PLUS! the food is YUMMILY DELICIOUS! hohoho… wha… look at the stall… see liao also salivate!


See the char siew!!!! FAT and YUMMY! i totally love the sauce that goes with the rice!!!! another picture okay? bear with me while you read this LONG post!


and the sao rou!!! WOW! i can’t describe to you, how NICE is it! hahaha… i told my friend not to finish the rice as we have a lot more food to go, but he said IT IS TOO NICE NOT TO FINISH! Do give this stall a try! Come early before lunch time, the crowd is horrigible! But the queue is cleared very fast! MUST TRY THE SOUP! their soup is really nice and cheap too!


Second Stop: Oven Marvel @ Sunshine Plaza – Chicken Pie


This humble chicken pie shop is located inside sunshine plaza… their chicken pie is really famous! erm… if you haven heard about it, don’t worry… i haven finish my sentence… it is really famous among the students of Nan Yang Arts School nearby…


Okay, a picture tells a thousand word… not only they sell chicken pie, they have different types of muffins and curry puff available… Their pies, puffs and muffins are freshly bake everyday! Eat Fresh! (sound familiar hor? it is subway’s tagline!) hahaha…


The legendary chicken pie! Each is sold at $3.00!~ WHA EXPENSIVE!!! But worth it!


Whooo la la… i love the fillings! Their chicken bits are big and juicy! Love the sauce that goes with it… but too much can get a little … how should i put it? i feels like having too much creamy pasta that kinda feeling… :) Overall yummy chicken pie! MUST TRY!


Third Stop: Thai Cafe – Aroy Dee @ Sunshine Plaza


okay i always heard about Aroy Dee and i have mistaken it with the shaw tower ah loy thai… now then i realize i have been so wrong and so mistaken! hahaha… anyway i mentioned previously that i would be doing a food review on this stall for comparison… remember? hahaha… see i remember my promise!

Tom Yum Seafood Soup @ $9


In comparison, their Tom Yum Soup is more spicy than sour… so if you prefer spicy ones, this is the better choice! Their ingredient is a lot more… i mean really MORE! but the price is also MORE lah! hahahaa…. This picture is really nice hor? For a new bird like me, who don’t really know how to use my camera to the fullest, i think it is a nice shoot! :)

Phad Thai


Their Phad Thai is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the stall next door! Theirs is wet and with a lot of tomato sauce… If you don’t believe, scroll to the previous post and see the difference! I love this Phad Thai, wet and sweet, with the fresh bean sprout and peanuts, it is absolutely NICE! I

n future, if you are wondering which stall to visit, i would say, try both! Their style of cooking is really different and so is the taste… Personally, i prefer this stall bcos of the wet Phad Thai and it is to my liking… but for tom yum soup, i still think more sour is more original! :)

eh please, all comments are very subjective! It is not for reference and shouldn’t be taken objectively! just in case i got sue! hahahaha


Walking along Bugis Village, you must try this sweet potato! My fav!!!


This stall is just opposite the biggest fruit juice stall in bugis village… Anyway can i side track a bit? The fruit juice stall is CHEAP! Most of their juices are sold at $1! And they have a super special favor that i am tempting to try!!! DURIAN JUICE! EEEEEK! hahaha… back here! okay stop imaging the durian! i say back here!


i LOVE their sweet potato with the sour plum powder! if you ask me, i think theirs is even better than shi lin! They even sell fried golden straw mushroom!!!! love them to the max! DO TRY IT! :)) one more picture okay?



Fourth Stop: 31 Sungei Road Laksa


i really love their Laksa! Since i am young, my parents would bring me here for our family Laksa Cravings! basically, i only eat their Laksa and no other stall… You know, you only want the best and not spoil the taste… There is another stall under a HDB block nearby which should be the most original one, but i still like this!


In the past, they used to sell small one at $1.50, medium $2, large $2.50… but that is really the PAST! Now the small one is $2.50. Their Laksa comes with only a spoon and that has always been the way! This humble stall is located just in front of the thieves market (under a car park)… somewhere cross junction of Arab St and Sungei Road…


one last final picture to mark the end of the bugis food trip! :))


Anyway… if you know of any nice food near bugis, comment below! let’s explore together! eating out at bugis, you can walk along haji lane and discover the children little museum… their are also a lot of different shops that are really unique and  many many small bistro cafe! Of course, there are so much more to be discover at bugis, this is only the few that i like! I wanted to visit kampong bugis as i heard a lot about the cafes over there… but after the tiring walks, i totally forgot about it! Still, it is a fruitful day with my colleague! See ya guys! :))


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