Saturday, July 9, 2011

Long awaited Geylang birthday food trip!

Long time ago, my colleague Apple told me about this 126 dim sum… and i couldn’t stop thinking about it… and next she told me about this claypot rice that really gotten into me! i am thinking of claypot rice, claypot rice and still claypot rice… (if you know, i am going on a ‘strict’ diet!) hahahaha… so two weeks before my birthday, my colleagues told me that we are going for dinner TOGETHER, without much thinking… CLAYPOT RICE & DIM SUM!!!!

yayyyyyy!!!!! my wish came through and here we are at Geylang with all the GOOD FOOD everywhere! omg!!!! i couldn't wait to open my mouth and try all this SUPER HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOOD! :)




Let me warn you! you got to call and order this claypot rice before visiting the place, unless you are willing to wait 1-3 HOURS for the claypot rice as they cooked their claypot on charcoal! omg!!! i know you are imagining the taste and salivating now! hahahahahaha….


Ta da~ the legendary CLAY POT RICE! omg! the ingredient is super GAO GAO! hahahahahahahaa… once the person brings the claypot near us, we are all overwhelmed and EXCITED! (okay, just to clarify, it is ONLY ME who is SO excited… just in case my colleagues saw this sentence and kill me!) hahahahaa…

Another close up:


am i making you hungry???? hahahahhaa… omg! look at the egg yolk, lak chiong, chicken!!! woohoo~


They would take out all the ingredients and mixed the rice with the DARK SAUCE! i am not too sure whether is this the usual way of serving, or is it just that we have requested… anyway…. LOOK!!!! just the picture is enough to bring back the Good Old Savory!

other than the main actor, here are the CARE LEH FARE (so creative!)

Onion Egg


This egg is super crispy! I LIKE!


Sambal Potato Leaves


Can i say this is really NICE! i totally LOVE the sambal chilli they used!!!! HOT HOT HOT! As hot as me!!!!


Bean Curd


Soft tofu! Love their sauce!

Overall the claypot rice is GOOD. I think they can cook a little longer to have more GOU BA… if you know what i mean… the over cooked rice all around the pot! Personally i would love to mix the rice together with the ingredients, believe it would taste even better! the unique thing about this stall is the use of charcoal to cook their rice! sometimes, the most original and traditional way is still the BEST way when it comes to handling FOOD!

We spend about $90 to feed 10 person… ordered two claypot, two potato leaves, one tofu, one egg.


148 Sims Avenue (off Geylang Lorong 19)
T 6748 9495 / 6742 1377


Next, we walk a little distance to… 126 Dim Sum!


Finally i came! i heard so much, think so much, crave so much… and finally we meet on 08 July 2011! hahahahaha…


My colleagues HIGHLY recommend their barley and sugar cane! Indeed their barley is NICE! with winter melon, it gives a sweeter taste! They even provide a spoon for you to scoop up the barley and winter melon! YUMMY!


love their sugar cane! AWESOME! theirs is really refreshing! love it too! why do they to use those take away container ar? hahahahaha.. but i really love this idea! Easy to maintain, big and it MORE water!


Deep Fried Bananas


I wouldn’t say this is a must try, it is really just banana in a spring roll form… but it is rather special! :) Maybe i can suggest to have this in my menu! But banana hard to keep hor?


Deep Fried Yam


OMG! i love this deep fried yam!!! yam paste packed in bread and they fried the bread till golden brown… but these yam looks a bit too black for golden brown! hahahaha…. if you catch what i mean! Chao Tah!


Signature Tofu


eh…. i think rocher bean curd can add this to their fried tofu fries! They look totally alike, just that these goes really well with their mayo sauce!!!! mayo gou gou! after this plate of fried tofu, i feel so SINFUL! what’s for the 2kg that i lost? haizzz…. but thumbs up!




this otah is suppose to be very every nice, but i think i am too full! i surrender after having one more bite of this! i can only remember the very THICK and GOU otah and meat! :))


Char Siew Pau


NICE! i love their char siew pau! after the super full dinner at claypot rice, you must understand how nice it is for me to actually swallow this pau! small, soft and hot! yummy!


Chicken Feet


chicken feet are suppose to be my favorite, but this chicken feet so so only… i prefer those sweeter ones! these are a little too salty and not sweet enough… a bit disappointed …




these are my FAVORITE !!!! i love them!!!! the skin are thin, the pork are gou gou, the taste is just nice! not too oily, and i feel like a saint after each bite! wooooo… really love these pauS! MUST TRY and THUMBS UP!


126 Sims Avenue
T 6746 4757


Finally a group picture without me! opps~ i totally forgot! hahahaha… a glance of these AWESOME peeps!


Thank you guys for being such a group of awesome colleagues! i must say i am SUPER touched by your act of love! thank you for going all the way from boon lay to geylang after work for a feast and accompanying me on this NON STOP EATING party! i really am deeply touched! Thank you for being there to tolerate all my nonsense and still love me the way you do! and the ‘brochure’ surprise, the lost sunflower (i am still feeling bad for losing it when ah di did it till 3am), the garden of rabbits, the durian cake, the watch and of course the FRIENDSHIP! :))

i am BLESSED to have the UNIVERSE BEST colleagues!!! TOTALLY LOVE YOU!!!!




  1. Hey ! Typing error lah ! Is otak-otak ! Not otah lah>< Plz change it~haha !

  2. i don't want! this is my style of spelling otah! hahahahahaa... it is the way we do it!

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