Sunday, July 17, 2011

itchy backside @ House, Barracks and Camp

Just to clarify why the title itchy backside… First of all… it started with two ex colleagues, now my buddies, Jane and Khloe, better known as zhiyun and huizhen… They suggested to go Dempsey for the birthday celebration… and we ended up at House, Barracks and Camp for a ATAS dinner! when the bill came, the two unemployed and myself was so SHOCK!!!! so we came up with the itchy backside award! Jane, the one who planned and research is the ULTIMATE ITCHY BACKSIDE, khloe the one who brought us there is the ADMINISTRATIVE ITCHY BACKSIDE, the me who is clueless where were we going is the BRAINLESS ITCHY BACKSIDE!

SO CREATIVE!!!! we are a lame group of people! i realize people who hang around me are becoming more and more lame! :) hahahaha… the power of INFLUENCE, the power of JOY, the power of LAME-NESS, the power of ME! :)) May the force be with me FOREVER! :) (this is really getting lame, please don’t give up on me!)

The Menu:


it is kinda like the ambush at jurong point, comes in newspaper format…


Vintage Tea Party, you may want to consider…


Thursday & Friday: 3pm to 5.30pm

Adult $22++ / Kids $15++


Tiffin Punch @ $59 (Rating: 4/5)


The actual product… :( not so cute hor…


Love this tiffin punch! AWESOME! They have ginger, grapefruit and lychee inside the punch… Alcohol yet with the sweetness of the lychee! NICE! but the price is a little too pricy, so think twice before you drink… if you drink, don’t nam nam cham of the price!!!! hahahahahhaa… worth it for the $59 for a little surprise!



Bay Prawn Capellini @ $22 (Rating: 3.5 / 5.0)


I love their generosity of prawn! Huge fresh prawn served with the pasta, topping it is a layer of cheese… the pasta taste a little like chinese noodle, that is not to my liking… overall, the pasta is nice and yummy… i would recommend to those seafood or prawns lover! :) the plus point about this pasta is it is not too greasy even after you finish the whole plate!


Old Fashioned American Sliders @ $22 (Rating 3.8 / 5.0)

these burgers are not huge but THICK! the meat patty is THICK! They comes with cheese and bacons! Actually you are able to choose different combi for their burger… I have specially cut and paste for your reference! For the unhealthy three, of course JUST THE BACON AND CHEESE will do the job! I LOVE their truffle fries and sweet potato!!! PERFECT! the fries taste different from the common fries you find outside… theirs not too oily, come with a aroma of truffle… for the sweet potato, it is a PLUS! they fried it with sugar and it is SUPERB! for the sides, i would give a 4.0 if not for the unsatisfying burger…


Spaghetti Aglio Olio @ $26 (Rating: 3.8 / 5.0)


Love their aglio olio! it is well cooked! the sauce is just nice with the right blend of chilli, garlic and saltiness is perfect! It’s hard to find good Aglio Olio, and this is NOT TOO BAD! I highly RECOMMEND this! :)) Thumbs up!

We had the dessert, but disappointingly my camera decides to play me out bcos i forgot to give it enough rest and feed it energy! So my poor readers, you can only imagine it while i describe…

if you REALLY KNOWS ME WELL… you knows that i don’t like cakes with too much sponge… so only REALLY GOOD CAKES catch my heart and make me want to blog even without the picture… :) okay lah… not to torture you, i have gotten the pictures from their website for you to have a better idea! :)


Warm Chocolate Toffee Cake @ $9.50 (Rating: 4.0 / 5.0)


Please hor… the picture is took from their website, so don’t expect to see this when you ordered! the actualy product is rather similar… it comes as a pleasant surprise! I seldom like cakes, and this is really nice! love the THICK WARM CHOCOLATE and the moist sponge cake and the sour raspberry! PERFECT!

Bitter Chocolate Tart (Rating 4.2 / 5.0)


this picture is for illustration purpose, taken from their website… the actual product look similar… this tart came on house for forgetting to inform us that strawberry shortcake is sold out… pleasant surprise! love this chocolate tart! although it is name BITTER, but really it is still SWEET! i love this tart! scoop up every single bit of it! THUMBS UP!

i concluded my trip at house, barracks and camp… the DESSERTS are simply AWESOME, the food is GOOD, the fried are HEAVENLY, the price is REASONABLE… although the three itchy backsides were a little shock with the price, but we all know, our stomach are full, so it’s okay when our pockets are empty… hahahaa… ah ya… seriously speaking, it’s all bcos of the tiffin punch! hahahaha…ultimate backside was the one who suggested to have it! hahahahaa… and we are FULLY SATISFY! every cent is well spent! (hahahahaa… it is my birthday treat, so my pocket didn’t really suffer! maybe that’s way i can be happily blogging this!) i highly recommend this place! :))


House, Barracks and Camp

8D Dempsey Road (64757787)

Lunch (Mon–Fri): 12pm – 3pm
Dinner (Mon–Sun): 6pm – 10.30pm
Tea (Mon–Fri): 3pm – 6pm
Tea (Sat–Sun): 4pm – 6pm
Brunch (Sat–Sun): 11am – 4pm


  1. Those sliders look so good, been craving for beef patties for some time already! Although it might be just me being anal, but if the aglio olio has clams in it, it can't be called a aglio olio anymore..? that's just me though.

  2. haahaahaa... i understand what you meant! hahahaa... cos when my colleague told me hers is aglio olio i was so shock too! hahahaha... yayyy...have a try! it's really good! don't know why the pictures are a little blur though. :)